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Established in 2012, iMiracle Technology is the largest GPS Fleet Management Company in SE Asia. We also provide GPS tracking equipment, installations and a family locator so you can keep track of your family's travels and know they are safe.

If you are looking for our Tours/Vehicle Leasing company or our Advisory & Consultancy services, please see below.

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Our secure shop lets you purchase our GPS products free from worry. There you will find trackers, the Family Locater, Sat Nav systems and more.

For information and quotes on installation and Fleet Management, please contact us.

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iMiracle Technology | GPS

The largest Fleet Management Company in South East Asia. Established 2012

iMiracle Rentals and Tours

Tours throughout South East Asia and Europe.
Short term & long term vehicle leasing/rental.

iMiracle Advisory & Consultancy | Energy & Finance

Energy & solar project management.
Consultancy services.